Q: When is the book done?
A: In a couple of months!

Q: You said the same thing last year! When is the book really done?
A: In a couple of months!

Q: This is not serious, tell me when its done?
A: The books is ready, when it is ready!

Q: Will there be an e- and/or audiobook?
A: Maybe? Write in the commet field if you would be interested in such thing.

Q: Will there be a Danish version?
A: Yes!

Writing a book like this is a huge task, and I want to do a proper job which is why I rather want to spent a couple of extra months than rush it to meet an arbitrary deadline, the book is ready when its ready. And I’ll bet when it is finally done I will probably start on “version 2” bare the ink is dry on this one.

One of the things I hope will come of this work is that I will get the attention of some of the last owners of these machine, which hopefully will uncover more interesting knowledge and stories about them.

This is a non-binding pre-order, the price will be around 75€ not including shipping, and i plan that it will be a beautiful hardback book in full colors.

When you submit this form you will receive running update on the writing process, and when the book is done you will receive an invoice, if you regret the order you are free to cancel it at anytime.

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